Early Warning Signals

Early Warning Signals (EWS) project, as first of its kind in Luxembourg, aims to show organisations how strategic “surprises” are detected today & provide access to best practices to cope with the challenges ahead.

In today’s markets, the frequency of changes and the corresponding impacts on companies are constantly increasing. Thus, a reactive mode is no longer appropriate [...]

What are Early Warning Signals?

Support Executives

We support executives to identify market opportunities and risks

in advance

Support Companies

We support companies to achieve sustainable growth in highly competitive markets

Scientific knowledge

We develop applied scientific knowhow suitable for supporting corporate decision-makers

Competitive Advantage

We create a competitive advantage for companies in order to stay ahead of their competitors

The EWS Project

In today’s markets, the frequency of changes and the corresponding impacts on companies are constantly increasing. Thus, a reactive mode is no longer appropriate. However, discontinuities do not emerge without warnings: weak signals can be used to anticipate opportunities, risks, or threats. This is why companies need to have structures, processes, procedures, and competencies in place to recognise, collect and use these weak signals.

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Q2 2021

Q1 2022

Q2 2022

Q3 2022

Launch of the Project

Research Phase

Final Findings

Business Application


Early Warning Signals Survey

The aim of this questionnaire is to investigate whether and how you are using Early Warning Signals (EWS) in your company/organization. All the data and insights would be collected into a white book about the best practices in dealing with Early Warning Signals (EWS). 


An Array of Exciting Opportunities

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Keep Learning

Try to win a 2-day Executive Education course ''Negotiating with difficult people'' (held in June 2022 at Luxembourg School of Business) or the book ''Rebel Talent'' by Francesca Gino (Harvard Business School). For more details on the prizes and the participation conditions, click here.

Receive exclusive access to the team White Paper, including best practices on how to deal with Early Warning Signals, that will be released by the end of Q2 2022 after the closing of the second phase of the EWS in Luxembourg research project. Fill the Survey!

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Your New Insightful Article COMING SOON!

First Findings and Research Quotes of the EWS Project

Be Prepared, Be ahead with Early Warning Signals

You will soon be able to download and read yet another insightful article from the research team on the importance of early warning signals in a business context.

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The first phase of the EWS research project took place in the last quarter of 2021 and consisted in a series of interviews with leaders of Luxembourg renowned organisations. During these conversations, the team could see a first outline of the project.

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Today like never before, markets, technologies, society, and trends change at a rapid pace and with pivotal moments that define discontinuities or strategic “surprises”.

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Press Release

Press Release




Early Warning Signals Survey Launch Event 

First Virtual Event on Early Warning Signals to Anticipate Crisis & Opportunities

Creation of an Early Warning Signals Guideline for Companies in Luxembourg 

During the virtual event on February 22nd, 2022 at 5 PM, the EWS team presented the project to the public and reveal the initial results from the interviews conducted with the participating companies during the past few months.

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Luxembourg School of Business and MindForest worked together with leading companies in the Grand-Duchy to develop a set of best practices for detecting and using weak signals to prepare in due time for any change ahead.

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MindForest and Luxembourg School of Business have decided to partner together and work on developing guidelines to help companies understand the need to sense, seize and reconfigure early warning signals (EWS) as a part of their daily business.

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Meet Our Project Team

The EWS project team is composed of leaders, researchers, consultants and faculty members from the consulting company MindForest and Luxembourg School of Business.


Prof. Dr. Dino DOGAN




Prof. Dr. David W. VERSAILLES

Prof. Dr. Borna JALSENJAK

Prof. Dr. Goran OBLAKOVIC


The prizes are eligible to those who complete our online survey, leaving their valid email address. The prizes are 2-day Executive Education course ''Negotiating with difficult people'' on the 21st and 22nd of June 2022 or the book ''Rebel Talent'' by Francesca Gino (Harvard Business School). The winners will be chosen by prize draw on 15 April 2022 and will be notified by email.

If you would like to learn more about the research project and/or the use of early warning signals for your business...